Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Journal Articles

In press. “Doing (Computational) Literary Studies,” New Literary History 2023. 

In press. “What’s the Matter with Computational Literary Studies?” Critical Inquiry 2023. 

2020. “Reading in the (post)digital age: Large digital databases and the future of literature in secondary classrooms,” with Larissa McLean Davies, Susan Martin, and Wayne Sawyer. English in Education 54.3. [postprint]

2020. ‘Why You Can’t Model Away Bias,’ Modern Language Quarterly 81.1. [postprint; “Figure 1 data“]

2017. ‘Fictional Systems: Mass-Digitisation, Network Analysis, and Nineteenth-Century Australian Newspapers,’ Victorian Periodicals Review 50.1: 100-38. [websitepostprint; data/figures; appendix 1; appendix 2; appendix 3 – draft]

2017. ‘The Equivalence of “Close” and “Distant” Reading; Or, Toward a New Object for Data-Rich Literary History.’ Modern Language Quarterly 78.1 (2017) [postprint – draft]

2016. ‘Thousands of Titles Without Authors: Digitized Newspapers, Serial Fiction, and the Challenges of Anonymity,’ Book History 18 (2016): 284-316. [postprint; datasets: all dataknown authorsinscribed authors]

2014. ‘Retrieving a World of Fiction: Building an Index, and Full-text Archive, of Serialised Novels in Australian Newspapers,’ with Carol Hetherington in Script & Print 38.4 (2014): 197–211. [here] [Republished 2015. The Indexer 33. 2, pp. 57–65.]

2012. ‘“Bullshit”, an Australian Perspective; or What an Organisational Change Impact Statement Tells Us About Higher Education in Australia,’ with Leigh Dale in Australian Humanities Review 53. [here]

2012. ‘“Sidelines” and Tradelines: Publishing the Australian Novel, 1860 to 1899,’ in Book History 15, pp. 93–122. [postprint]

2011. ‘“we’re not truckin’ around”: On and off-road in Samuel Wagan Watson’s Smoke Encrypted Whispers‘, in Humanities Research XVIII.2, pp. 109–19. [here]

2010. ‘Publishing and Australian Literature: Crisis, Decline or Transformation?’, in Cultural Studies Review 16.2, pp. 24–48. [here]

2009. ‘Along Gender Lines: Reassessing Relationships between Australian Novels, Gender and Genre from 1930 to 2006,’ in Australian Literary Studies 24.3-4, pp. 79–95. [postprint]

2008. ‘Graphically Gendered: A Quantitative Study of the Relationships between Australian Novels and Gender from the 1830s to the 1930s,’ in Australian Feminist Studies 23.58, pp. 435–50. [postprint]

2008. ‘“Opportunistic Transpositions and Elisions”: Roger McDonald’s The Ballad of Desmond Kale; or, The Fiction Question: Who Owns Stories?’ in Antipodes 22.2, pp. 89–95. [here]

2008. ‘Beyond the Colonial Present: Quantitative Analysis, “Resourceful Reading” and Australian Literary Studies’, in JASAL Special Issue: The Colonial Present, edited by Gillian Whitlock and Victoria Kuttainen, pp. 184–97. [here]

2006. ‘“Unexpected Effects”: Marked Men in Contemporary Australian Women’s Fiction,’ in Australian Literary Studies 22.4, pp. 443–59. [postprint]

2006. ‘Aussie Battler in Crisis? Shifting Constructions of White Australian Masculinity and National Identity,’ in Journal of the Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association 2.1, pp. 1–18. [here] [Republished 2008. Creative Nation: Australian Cinema and Cultural Studies Reader, edited by Amit Sarwal and Reema Sarwal. New Delhi: SSS Publications, pp. 337–57.]

2006. ‘Reading (in/and) Miranda,’ in Australian Literary Studies 22.3, pp. 357–67. [postprint]

2001. ‘The Pregnant Man: Gender, Identity and Sexuality in the Poetry of Dorothy Porter’s Akhenaten,’ in LiNQ 28.1 (May), pp. 22–29.

The datasets on this page are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, meaning they can be used, adapted and added to, as long as the original source is cited.

Book Chapters

In press. ‘Beyond Britain and the Book,’ with Sarah Galletly and Carol Hetherington in The Cambridge History of the Australian Novel (Ed. David Carter. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). [preprint; data]

In press. ‘The Archive,’ in The Cambridge Companion to Literature in the Digital Age (Ed. Adam Hammond. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).

2021. ‘Data Worlds: Patterns, Structures, Libraries,’ in The Cambridge History of World Literature (Ed. Debjani Ganguly. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). [postprint]

2019. ‘”Large, Vigorous and Thriving”: Early Australian Publishing and Futures of Publishing Studies,’ in Book Publishing in Australia: A Living Legacy (Ed. Aaron Mannion and Millicent Weber. Melbourne: Monash University Press). [postprint]

2017. ‘From Adelaide to Genoa: Locating Catherine Martin’s Lost Fiction,’ in “How I Pawned My Opals” and Other Lost Fiction by Catherine Martin (Ed. Katherine Bode. Canberra: Orbiter Press). [postprint]

2016. ‘Book History in Australia since 1950,’ Oxford History of the Novel in English: The Novel in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the South Pacific since 1950 (Ed. Coral Howells, Paul Sharrad and Gerry Turcotte. Oxford: Oxford University Press). [postprint]

2014. ‘Book History from the Archival Record,’ with Roger Osborne in Cambridge Companion to the History of the Book (Ed. Leslie Howsam. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 219–36). [postprint]

2014. ‘Collecting Ourselves,’ with Paul Arthur in Advancing Digital Humanities: Research, Methods, Theory (Ed. Paul Arthur and Katherine Bode. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 1–12). [here]

2014. ‘Methods and Canons: An Interdisciplinary Excursion’, with Tara Murphy in Advancing Digital Humanities: Research, Methods, Theory (Ed. Paul Arthur and Katherine Bode. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 175–93). [postprint; datasets]

2010. ‘Looking (im)properly: Women Objectifying Men’s Bodies in Contemporary Australian Women’s Fiction’ in Women Constructing Men (Ed. Sarah Frantz and Katharina Rennhak. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, pp. 185–206). [postprint]

2009. ‘From British Domination to Multinational Conglomeration? A Revised History of Australian Novel Publishing, 1950 to 2007,’ in Resourceful Reading: The New Empiricism, eResearch and Australian Literary Culture (Ed. Katherine Bode and Robert Dixon. Sydney: Sydney University Press, pp. 194–219). [Republished 2012 in Sold by the Millions: Australia’s Bestsellers. Ed. Amit Sarwal and Toni Johnson-Woods. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 22–45.]

2009. ‘Resourceful Reading: A New Empiricism in the Digital Age?’ with Robert Dixon in Resourceful Reading: The New Empiricism, eResearch and Australian Literary Culture (Ed. Katherine Bode and Robert Dixon. Sydney: Sydney University Press, pp. 1–27).


2014. ‘A New Republic of Letters: Memory and Scholarship in the Age of Digital Reproduction by Jerome McGann.” Archives and Manuscripts 42.3: 305–7 [here]

2008. ‘Divergent Convergences: Manifesting Literary Feminisms Conference. Monash University and the University of Queensland, 13-14 December 2007.’ Australian Feminist Studies 23.58 (December): 549–50.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

2015. ‘Remapping Cultural History? Digital Humanities, Historical Bibliometrics, and the Reception of Print Culture,’ with Mark Towsey, Simon Burrows, Julieanne Lamond, Mark Reid, Glenn Roe, and Sydney Shep. Digital Humanities 2015. Western Sydney University 29 June-3 July. Sydney: Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, online [here]

2014. ‘Mining a “Trove”: Modeling a Transnational Literary Culture.’ Digital Humanities 2014. University of Lausanne 8-12 July. Lausanne: Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, pp. 98-100 [here]

2012. ‘Modeling Gender: The “Rise and Rise” of the Australian Woman Novelist.’ Digital Humanities 2012. University of Hamburg, 16-22 July. Hamburg: Hamburg University Press, pp. 119-20. [here]

Other Publications

2021. “The Difference an Editor Makes.” Modern Language Quarterly 82.3: 401–404. [postprint]

2019. ‘Day 3 response.’ Computational Literary Studies: A Critical Inquiry Forum, 3 April. [here]

2019. ‘Day 2 response.’ Computational Literary Studies: A Critical Inquiry Forum, 2 April. [here]

2019. ‘Day 1 response.’ Computational Literary Studies: A Critical Inquiry Forum, 1 April. [here].

2018. ‘To Be Continued: Discovering Serialised Fiction in Trove’s Digitised Newspapers.’ Trove Blog 28 February. [here]

2017. ‘A response to some responses.’ Katherine Bode blog, 28 June. [here]

2017. ‘Literature as Olympic Event? Understanding the Scoreboard for Australian Women’s Writing.’ eTropic: Electronic Journal of Studies in the Tropics. Special Issue: Bold Women Write Back. [here]

2016. ‘Digital Scholarship Futures.’ Celebrating Independent Thought: ISAA Twenty Years On. 2015 Conference Proceedings. Canberra: Independent Scholars Association of Australia.

2015. ‘“To Be Continued”: A World of Serial Fiction in Australian Newspapers.’ Island Magazine 141: 62-65.


2 thoughts on “Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  1. wadholloway

    Professor Bode, I am a blogger specialising in early Australian women’s writing. Earlier this year we had a ‘Gen 1’ reading week covering writing up to the 1890s –
    We have already started looking into fiction which first appeared in newspapers, including the two novels recently published in book form for the first time by Melb Uni. I was very interested to read the Age story about you and blogged about it here
    I will definitely be following this up further.
    rgds, Bill Holloway

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